4 Photography Tips for Beginners

photographyWith the advent of digital cameras, more people than ever before are snapping away.  Combine digital camera with online social networks and there are millions of opportunities to take and share photographs.

Just because you own a digital camera doesn’t make you are a professional photographer.  But just because you haven’t had formal training doesn’t mean you can take great shots.

Here are four tips that will make your photographs works of art.

1. Optimize Your Composition

The composition of your photograph is the position of different elements in the frame.  The best rule of thumb is to use the Rule of Thirds.  Divide the frame into three sections.  Cheat the primary focus of the image to one of the outer thirds.  This is more visually appealing than a shot that is dead center.  Find the perfect fit within the frame for the objects you want to capture.

2.  Take Sunlight into Consideration

If you are taking a picture outdoors, take a look at where the sun is.  You never want to take a shot of something when the sun is directly behind it.  If you are taking a photograph of a stationary object, try moving around until you find a better angle.  If you are photographing a person, ask them to rotate so the sun is shining on their face.  In some situations, depending on where the sun is, you may have to manually activate the flash.

3.  Check your Flash and Zoom

If your photographs are dominated by bright white bursts and your subjects look like ghosts, you are probably firing the flash too close to the subject.  Take a step back and activate the flash.  If you are now too far away from your subject, use the zoom to capture the image the way you want it.

4.  Be Selective

One of the most important skills of the budding photographer is knowing what to share and what to keep back.  With a digital camera, it is easy to take hundreds – if not thousands – of pictures.  There is no reason to upload your entire memory card to Facebook.  Be selective.  Get rid of the shots that are redundant.  Delete anything that is out of focus or poorly composed.  Share only your best efforts.

Take these four tips into consideration the next time you pick up your camera.  It is possible to capture professional looking images – no matter what your skill level.

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