5 Fashion Photography Tips

While many photographers enjoy the creativity of their art, they are often stumped by the more formal, demanding niches. For example, fashion photography isn’t for everyone.

But those who enjoy the high end world of fashion, the craft can be quite enjoyable and rewarding. Here are four tips to make the process more successful.

1. Command Authority

A fashion photographer must be able to direct and guide the models. That requires a fair amount of self-confidence. Even if you don’t genuinely feel assured of what you are doing, you must portray the image of confidence.

Any sign of anxiety or stress will translate into a lack of authority. The uncertainty will be reflected in the model’s performance.

2. Attend to All the Details

Fashion photography is undoubtedly about the clothes. However, it is also about the accessories, hairstyles and makeup. Everything combines to create an overall image of beauty.

Be sure to attend to the details—they can make or break a shoot. It would be difficult to portray a girl-next-door image if the model has voluminous, sexy hair and come-hither makeup.

3. Choose the Environment

Generally speaking, a studio shoot is preferred. That way, the photographer has total control of the lighting and overall environment. Conditions aren’t as easily manipulated outside or onsite.

4. Consider the Angles

Few garments look good from a straight-on view. The details and fluidity is lost if a model isn’t captured on the move.

Consider different angels. What is the best viewpoint for the clothing? What is the most natural movement for the overall theme of the shoot?

Maybe the model needs to walk up a flight of stairs. Perhaps she hunches over a table. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try different things.

5. Study the Pros

Fortunately, there is an abundance of fashion photographers in the world. Each has his or her own, unique style. Carefully study the masters. What can you learn from them? Check was does and doesn’t work. Make note of ways the industry has evolved.

Fashion photography is an acquired taste, but with the right guidance, anyone can master it!

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