9 Photography Magazine Recommendations by Priority One Clearing

Getting into photography, whether it be professionally or as a hobby, is a very challenging and rewarding path. As in most areas of life, we can get great benefit by taking the advice of people that have succeeded on the road we wish to take. For that reason, we turned to the magazine experts at Priority One Clearing Services. They’ve provided us with a list of magazines that will inspire, educate, and entertain any photographer–no matter the niche.

Consulting the Experts

There are millions of magazines in print. Each one caters to a very specific audience. Choosing one (or two) that are right for your own personal needs is difficult.

That’s why the advice provided by the Priority One Clearing staff was so helpful. The magazine gurus at Priority One Clearing Services were more than willing to give us some insight as to the best photography magazines in print.

After taking a look at what Priority One Magazines has put together, we are in total agreement; whether you are doing wedding photography or just snapping pictures for fun, these publications can help.

1. Nature Photographer

There are few things we enjoy as much as landscape photography. This magazine has great photographic examples of landscape, plant and animal life. It’s also very instructional. No matter what level of expertise you enjoy with photography, you will find useful content in this magazine.

2. Foam Magazine

Every issue of this magazine has a theme, so you’ll cover a lot of topics with just this subscription alone. Whether its fashion photography or something more historic, you’re bound to find something you can enjoy.

3. Photo Technique

As you can imagine, this magazine is perfect for individuals with a thirst for knowledge. It blends tips on the use of technology to different tricks to help capture the perfect photograph. It’s truly inspiring.

4. Professional Photographer

Don’t let the name fool you. Even beginners will love this magazine. It has all the information you need to learn to take photos like a pro in no time. We’ve found the product reviews to be particularly helpful.

5. Better Photography – India

If you want to expand your horizons, this magazine is a great choice. You get to learn about the photography styles of a completely different culture, and it’s eye-opening. The things you learn in this magazine won’t be found anywhere else.

6. American Photo

Of course, learning from our own peers is never a bad idea either, and that’s why we love this magazine. We’re particularly fond of what it teaches in the area of fashion photography, but a wide range of topics are covered.

7. Amateur Photographer

This magazine is great for anyone who is just starting out, as well as professionals who want to get back in touch with where they started. The best part of Amateur Photographer is that it’s weekly. That’s great because we find we can never get enough of these articles.

8. Blind Spot

If you’re looking to see the work of the latest up and comers, this is your magazine. It displays the photos of many of the best unknown photographers around. It’s always great to see work from talented, yet unheralded, photographers.

9. EOS Magazine

As much as we love our cameras, sometimes we feel like it’s the enemy. We have to battle it to get the picture that we’re looking for. In these fights, EOS Magazine is our strategy guide. It really helps you understand how to get the most of out your equipment.

Subscribe Today

Pick a few magazines that cover your favorite topics and go subscribe. The wealth of knowledge you’ll obtain is much more valuable than the cost of the subscription. We promise you won’t regret it. Whether you’re looking for tips or inspiration, there is something on this list that you will love.

What do you think of our list? The experts at Priority One Clearing Services didn’t lead you astray, did they?! Nope. Those Priority One Clearing magazine junkies hit the nail on the head!

We may be obsessed with photography, but we don’t know much about magazines. That’s why we are so appreciative of the suggestions provided by Priority One Clearing Services. If you think of it, stop by the Priority One Clearing twitter page and say thanks!

Let us know if you have any additional suggestions!

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