Best Countries for International Landscape Photography Shoots

For those who think they have captured all their motherland has to offer, there are various international destinations that offer breathtaking landscape photography opportunities.

Let’s take a look at some of the hidden gems of the natural world.


Iceland is a great destination for landscape photography. The local has many perks. First, the temperatures are surprisingly mild—meaning you won’t freeze trying to capture the perfect shot.

Next, nearly all the landscape is untouched. Thanks to the relatively small population living in the country, there won’t be anyone to interfere with your beautiful scenery.

Lastly, this one location has everything a nature lover could want—waterfalls, mountains, rivers, and more.


If you are going to make a trip to Argentina, visit the Patagonia region (shared with neighboring Chili). This one region has mountains, valleys, coastlines, rugged terrain, and lakes.

Just be sure to check the local weather carefully; since it is in the southern hemisphere, the Argentinian seasons are opposite of what US visitors would expect.

New Zealand

Those who visit New Zealand usually head for the smaller, more touristy island. That makes the larger island the perfect spot for landscape photography.

There, you’ll find nearly 20 mountain peaks, a handful of protected forest areas and several national parks—a photographer’s dream!


Because of the excess of mountain ranges, Norway is one of the least populated European countries. That means there are vast, untouched landscapes to explore.

This country boasts some of the most beautiful mountains, coastlines, and fjords on the continent.


Heading north is always an option too. Canada is a vast, unexplored country—perfect for a landscape photographer.

In the natural territory, you can expect to see glaciers, canyons, wildlife and the famed Northern Lights. What more could you ask for?!


We can’t limit ourselves to a single country, rather an entire continent! The Sahara is one of the most captivating natural wonders of the world. A trip to Chad, Egypt, Libya, Niger, or Sudan will provide breathtaking desert landscapes. Check out the sand dunes—they can reach nearly 600 feet!

If you are looking to travel and capture some of the world’s most beautiful spots, consider one of these destinations. If you’ve found another hidden gem we left off the list, let us know!

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