Best Landscape Photography Spots in the US

If you were to travel the entire globe, you will no doubt find some great landscape photography spots. However, international travel isn’t always required for a budget-conscious photographer. There are plenty of great opportunities right here in the US.

If you are looking for someone new to explore, consider these fine options.

Monte Sano State Park, Alabama—The entire park is like a magical wonderland. Moss and vine draped trees, a cool mist, and red-rock walking paths create a colorful background.

The Colorado River, Arizona—Check out the horseshoe; the green river banks juxtapose nicely with the earth-toned rocks and mix with the clear blue water.

The Young’s Pond, Connecticut—Few things are more beautiful than a colorful fall in an old, established New England state. Add in some water and the animals that call it home and you’ve got the ideal landscape photography hideaway.

The Wormsloe Historic Site, Georgia—Man-made architecture complements the natural beauty of this space. Capturing the sunlight as it drifts through the ancient, moss-covered trees is more visually stimulating than you can imagine!

Waipio valley, Hawaii—Hawaii is an entire state of landscape goodness, but this spot in particular offers an amazing view of earth, sky, and sea.

Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota—Skip all those famous falls that have been shot a thousand times. Opt for a hidden gem in Minnesota.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada—Not all landscape photography shots need to include blazing orange trees or luscious green country sides. Exposed rock jutting into a periwinkle blue sky can be just as captivating.

Stowe, Vermont—For a truly inspired shot, visit Stowe (a small ski town) in the winter. The snow covered mountains act as a backdrop for the charming, colonial village. Or, visit in the fall and head out to the lake. The golden hills are beautiful.

These are just a sampling of what the nation has to offer. There are tons of other hidden gems that would make great landscape photography destinations. If you are short on cash, don’t worry about traveling the globe for the ideal snap. Just take a look at what is available in your own backyard.

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