Digital Cameras Versus Film Cameras

camera with filmThe world has truly evolved because of technology. Even cameras now have varieties such as video cameras, digital cameras, film cameras and more. Digital cameras are among some of the most appreciated technologies today. Almost everyone has a camera. And because of this, the manufacturing companies are still producing more and more new models with new features. But did you know that before all this glamorous cameras was a great film camera that had served humanity for ages?

A digital camera is widely used because it easy and convenient for the user. While taking a picture you can adjust the features for a better image, like the light sequence the mode you want. It also offers a zoom in or zoom out effect that a film cam can’t do. You just click it and you can already see the pictures right away. The fun thing about it is you can store your images in the computer. With this, you can share those pictures anytime you want. Its memory is expandable so you and store more, while a film strip can only take 30-35 shots with one roll of film.

Many people find it convenient to keep a digital camera with them at all times. ¬†Whether you have a job that keeps you running around, always needing photographs or stay home documenting your kids’ milestones, it is nice to have a camera handy.

A film camera is the last version of camera before the digital came out. It needs a film strip to function and the lights need to be constant so that a good pictures would be captured. Although the digital cams are now in the spot light, the film cameras still exist. They are still important in a lot of industries. One reason of its existence is for police departments. The police need the film strip for proper and reliable evidence. When they handle a serious case, they do not use digital photography. Instead, they settle for the film because during these cases it’s hard to trust anybody. They need evidence that has no way of alteration, which is exactly what film pictures are. It also provides a backup copy (the negatives), which is to their advantage.

Also, there are artists that create their photography using film cameras only. They say it gives them more creativity and it’s also interesting to develop the film because you really don’t know for sure what came out of the photos.

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