Don’t Make These Wedding Photography Mistakes

Wedding photography is one of the toughest, most stressful situations you’ll encounter as a photographer. There is a lot riding on the outcome of your snaps and there are plenty of things to make the day challenging.

That being said, wedding photography is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have in your career.

Before grabbing your camera and heading off to the festivities, consider these often made mistakes.

1. Exposure Issues

That white dress is the centerpiece of the day. However, for a photographer trying to find the proper exposure, it can be a nightmare.

If you overexpose it, it will become an unflattering, indistinguishable mass of white. The details of the dress will melt away.

But underexposure will make that beautiful dress look dirty and grey.

Neither situation is ideal.

If you can’t find the just-right situation, try for a bit of underexposure. You can make things right during the editing process. Just make sure the underexposure doesn’t mask the details of the groom’s dark outfit.

2. Background Distractions

Nothing is worse than looking at the final images and noticing there is something inappropriate in the background–whether that is an empty water bottle or the church’s piano covered in sheet music.

Carefully inventory what is in the background for each photo you take. Ideally, you can check out the venue before the big day and identify the best places to arrange a group.

Remember, the background doesn’t need to be a plain, boring wall. Tidy and distraction-free doesn’t mean uninteresting.

3. Outdoor Glitches

When you visit the venue to check for ideal posing spots, visit at the same hour as the ceremony. Take a look at the best places for outdoor shots in relation to the sun’s position.

This means making sure you find an eye-catching background that doesn’t require the couple to look into the sun. Squinty eyes are terrible!

If you can’t find natural shade, get someone to hold a diffuser.

4. Missing a Shot

Wouldn’t it be terrible if the bride didn’t have any pictures of her putting on her dress? That is one of the most magical moments for a bride. If you fail to capture that moment, she can’t get it back again.

Talk to the couple beforehand. Find out exactly what and who they want you to shoot. Don’t forget the desired picture of the bride and her great grandma or the straight razor shave the groom got.

Make a checklist and systematically work through it.

Wedding photography is challenging—but also rewarding. Do you know of any other common rookie mistakes? Let us know!

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