How to Manage the Light During Photo Shoots

light for photosLighting, like any other entity in creating moods and effects for film and photography is difficult to control. It will sometimes create too much contrast, making your subject drown in too much light. On the other hand, little light is not good at all. Leaving for the flash to take care of the lighting will not help any advanced digital cameras or video cameras to focus on the subject, especially if you are making art with your camera. Either you get a too far or too close shot, or worst, nothing at all.

There are times when you really want to have the perfect photograph.  Maybe you are capturing a special moment your kids have with their grandparent or a beautiful sunset, you want the final result to be memorable.

When under the sun, your subjects may not be facing the sun nor squinting but shadows will be your problem. When your subjects stand with their back against the light of the sun, shadows will be casted. The smaller subjects will not be illuminated properly, thus losing the right combination of light and shadow. Eyes may not appear right and the colors of the hair may vary. Trouble shoot this with the use of reflectors.

Lighting is important in creating the mood of your subject. It can soften or harden your subject. When you are  capturing images using the natural light of the sun, timing of the day is vital. When you shoot in the middle of the day, your subject may squint against the heat and light Рnot a good shot. Instead, schedule a photo shoot that is closer to the late afternoon sun, especially if you are creating images that requires your subject to be under the sun. Such photos is important if you want to manifest an image of activity, vitality and health. This can be a problem if you have no choice on the schedule of the day. As such, capture your subject when they are not facing the sun. This would mean that you and your camera would be facing the sun. To protect the image and your camera as well, you need to use shades for your camera. This can be purchased at camera accessories shops.

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