How to Write a Movie Director Resume

Movie directors are seen as highly artistic people with the ability to give life to a story through film. They visualize the script and guide the technical crew, as well as the actors, to create a movie or film.

Therefore, if you are interested in such a post, you need to be a person who is imaginative. You also need to be a people’s person who is able to deal with different temperaments – especially when dealing with the actors.

You also need to be able to keep your calm when things are not turning out as they should.  It is also important to have good communication skills so you can efficiently relay your instructions to the crew and the actors/actresses.

Before applying to your dream movie job, put some thought into how you will draft your resume.  You need to be able to express all these characteristics, skills, qualities and more.

Resume Basics: Start With Contact Information

When writing your resume, start by identifying yourself to the reader of the resume. State your name, gender, and also give your physical and postal address. Also include your telephone number and email address to facilitate further communication from the employer.

Write a Career Objective or Career Summary

You then move on to writing an objective or summary. A well-drafted summary could make your resume stand out and land you an interview. In the summary or objective, identify the position you are seeking. You can do this either by stating the job title or by stating the work to be performed.

You can also identify the position by level such as entry-level or senior-level. In the case of a movie director, however, this would not be applicable. Present yourself as the solution to the employer’s problem by quoting all your qualifications in a short but concise manner.

After writing the summary, then write the qualities you possess that make you a perfect fit for the job – such as good communication skills, ability to lead and deal with different temperaments, and any other quality that you may have.

Don’t Forget Your Educational Experience

You should then delve into the details of educational background. State this in a reverse chronological order starting with the most recent. Give the dates and the institutions where the different certifications were acquired.

Include any significant recognition that you may have received while at the institutions. If your education is a major qualification for the post, then write it immediately after the summary/objective. If not, put it at the end of the resume.

How To Write a Work Experience Section

Your work experience should follow.  In this section, you should give clear descriptions of all previous employment.

In the case of a movie director, this would mostly involve participation in the production of various films or movies. State all the productions that you worked on, either as the lead director or in an assistive position. Also state any other jobs you may have done that are relevant to the film industry. This information should be presented in reverse chronological order.

Make Your Resume Shine with an Additional Skills Section

After that, you move on to mention any other activities that you have participated in or are still a part of. These activities should demonstrate different qualities about you such as leadership abilities or your ability to interact with different individuals.

You should also mention volunteer work that is relevant to the position of a movie director such as directing a children’s play for the church.

You should then mention any honours or accolades that you have received. These do not only have to be related to the film industry. If you are proficient in a number of languages, you should include that in your resume as it is an added advantage. State your level of proficiency.

Resume Building References Are Optional

At the end of your resume, be sure to give a list of references together with their addresses if the employer asks.

If you are still confused about how to make a movie director resume, then simply Google image search and try to emulate what other movie directors are writing on their resumes. Like they say, sometimes imitation is the quickest route to success!

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